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Alcatraz The Prodigal Pearl- Book 4 in Love, God & Tattoos:
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1230000279956 - A.R. Robinson: Alcatraz The Prodigal Pearl- Book 4 in Love, God & Tattoos
A.R. Robinson (?):

Alcatraz The Prodigal Pearl- Book 4 in Love, God & Tattoos (2014) (?)

EAN: 1230000279956 (?), unknown language, Authenticity Print, Authenticity Print, Authenticity Print, New, ebook, digital download

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Alcatraz is outraged, certain that God has dealt her a bad hand. The challenges of being a teen-aged adult become overwhelming after the brutal murder of her best friend and caretaker. Alcatraz runs far away from the church, drowning her sorrows in riotous living. Day in and day out she throws caution to the wind and indulges in promiscuity, drugs, and alcohol until one fateful night. Alcatraz finds herself on the brink of death and personally meets the ruler of this world. The encounter she experiences with the prince of darkness causes her to run back to God, but will he want anything to do with her now?
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Category: Fiction & Literature
Keywords: Alcatraz The Prodigal Pearl- Book 4 in Love, God & Tattoos A.R. Robinson Adult Fiction & Literature 1230000279956
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