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Karen Joy Fowler (?):

Wit's End: A Novel (2009) (?)

ISBN: 9780000072313 (?) or 0000072311, probably in english, Plume, Used

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Plume, 2009. paperback. Very Good. '() ''[A] delightful and eccentric new tale''(The Boston Globe) from the author of the runaway bestseller The Jane Austen Book Club In Karen Joy Fowler's newest novel, the bestselling author of The Jane Austen Book Club once again delivers top-notch storytelling, creating characters both oddball and endearing in a voice that is utterly and memorably her own. Wit's End is a clever, playful novel about finally allowing oneself to grow up-with a dash of mystery thrown in. At loose ends and weary from her recent losses-the deaths of an inventive if at times irritating father and her beloved brother-Rima Lansill comes to Wit's End, the home of her legendary godmother, bestselling mystery writer Addison Early, to regroup...and in search of answers. For starters, why did Addison name one of her characters-a murderer-after Rima's father? But Addison is secretive and feisty, so consumed with protecting her famous fictional detective, Maxwell Lane, from the vagaries of the Internet that-rumo'''' ID: mon0000072310.
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Karen Joy Fowler: Wit's End: A Novel
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