The Ministry, A Magazine for Clergy, Edited by J. Robert Spangler
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Ministerial Association of Seventh-day Adventists (Hrsg. / Ed.)search

The Ministry, A Magazine for Clergy, Edited by J. Robert Spangler (1974)search

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ISBN: 9780000265319search or 0000265314, Bände: 1, 3, 8 und 47-54, in english, Washington D. C., Review and Herald Publishing Association 1974-1981. Used.

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From Seller/Antiquarian, Antiquariat Kretzer [51598574], Kirchhain, Germany.
Hefte mit Textabbildungen, Topics: By His Side; Bible Instructor; Editorial; The Local Church Elder; Profiting From His Prophet; Recommended Reading, Science and Religion; Health and Religion. Auszüge aus den Inhalten (Excerpts of contents): Wilber Alexander: The Ministry of a Healing Church; Lester Bennet: Genesis in Time and Space; Robert j. Burman: Do Our Church Buildings Represent Our Real Beliefs?; N. R. Dower: The Charismatic Movement; Edmund Parker: The Ministry of the Atonement; Reginald Shires: Television and the Public. Roy Allan Anderson: C. H. Spurgeon Reprints; Orley M. Berg: Ecumenism - Boon or Bane?, The Gospel According to Paul; Patrick Boyle: Isaac Watts Remembered; Melvin Eckenroth: Evangelistic 'Guerrilla' Tactics; Alfred S. Jorgensen: A Memorial of Divine Guidance, 'Omega' of Apostasy; H. K. La Rondelle: Christ-centered Eschatology; Baptist Joint Committee: Religion in the Public Schools; Consider the Case for Quiet Mondays; Joseph G. Smoot: 'Light to Them That Sit in Darkness', The Religious Faith That American Presidents Expressed in Their Inaugural Addresses; Carsten Johnsen: Does Life Have Personal Meaning?; Ethel Nelson: Nutrition and health; William F. Fore: The Electronic Church; An Interview With Dr. Denis Burkitt; Cedric Ward: Napoleon and the Pope - What Really Happened in 1798? V. Norskov Olsen: The Christ Alone - The Christomonistic Principle; Douglass Bennett: Twentieth-Century Circuit Rider; Hans K. La Rondelle: The Elijah to Come - Man or Message?; W. j. Hackett: Decision or Rationalization? / Ausgeschiedene Bibliotheksdubletten. Bände gestempelt. Drei Jahrgänge schiefgelesen. Geklebte Rückensignaturen. Sonst jeweils in sauberem Zustand. / Former parts of a library holding. Stamped. Backs of 3 volumes with an angle. Else good conditions. ISBN: 00265314 Sprache: Englisch Gewicht in Gramm: 11000 4° (27,5 x 21,5 cm), Privathalbleineneinbände. Vol. 47-54, Jahrgänge 1974-1981, 12 Hefte in je 1 Band (jeweils vollständige Jahrgänge), insgesamt 8 Bände, Vol. 47-54 (1974-1981), 12 journals per volume (the complete year), a total of 8 volumes,.
seller comment Antiquariat Kretzer [51598574], Kirchhain, Germany:
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Ministerial Association of Seventh-day Adventists (Hrsg. / Ed.): The Ministry, A Magazine for Clergy, Edited by J. Robert Spangler
ISBN: 9780000265319

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