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The Complete Series (Virtual History for Key Stage 2)
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9780007221615 - Christine Cooper, Alison Ewin: The Complete Series (Virtual History for Key Stage 2)
Christine Cooper, Alison Ewin (?):

The Complete Series (Virtual History for Key Stage 2) (2006) (?)

ISBN: 9780007221615 (?) or 0007221614, in english, 48 pages, Collins Educational, Used.

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Collins Virtual History: The Complete Series brings history to life with a range of simulations and activities. Pupils are engaged as they learn so much more than facts and dates, such as what life was like on board a Viking ship! Includes an extensive image bank of depictions and photographs. Includes all four Virtual History CD-Roms: * The Egyptians and Ancient Greeks * The Romans, Anglo-Saxons and Vikings * The Tudors * The Victorians and Twentieth-century Britain * Encourages children to think like historians, developing investigative and analytical skills as well as historical knowledge * Supports the national curriculum requirements for each topic area and is matched to the QCA Scheme of Work for History at Key Stage 2 * Is designed to be used by non-specialist teachers so everyone can be confident delivering the history lesson, CD-ROM, Label: Collins Educational, Collins Educational, Produktgruppe: Book, Publiziert: 2006-04-20, Studio: Collins Educational.
Platform order number Amazon.com: MHUeObkj6JpXxruo%2F7OGk9WZomR0 9K1VJVcMUXh4QoaYpfS99FTlfjjnzv 8RoutEefTnk9TlfDzH5ATkwvb26UU6 MjQFj2PckgqHsHgMoOeCcdon65Z2vt NHW3c0RsiJ4TVEyYlzrOdy8fKX1iUg sY6UaeuyteZv
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The Complete Series (Virtual History for Key Stage 2)Christine Cooper, Alison Ewin: The Complete Series (Virtual History for Key Stage 2)
ISBN: 9780007221615

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