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Coach Your Team: It has never been a more challenging time for managers and leaders to maintain a happy, healthy workforce. The pace of change and increasing uncertainty in most industries has resulted in a rapid increase in stress and anxiety in the workplace, and most organizations are poorly equipped to respond to these challenges in a meaningful and supportive way. Penguin Business Experts: Coaching Your Team is a practical guide for leaders who want to foster a culture where everyone has a chance to flourish, create and innovate while being happy and more resilient. It draws on cutting-edge, evidence-based techniques in coaching that focus on developing mindfulness and compassion in leaders, their employees and throughout their organisation with case studies of best practice from around the world. It covers everything you need to know to develop your own approach to coaching starting with learning how to coach yourself through to techniques to foster a coaching culture rooted in mindfulness and compassion within your team, and ultimately your organization. Englisch, Taschenbuch.
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