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9780573814600 - James Sherman: The God Of Isaac
James Shermansearch

The God Of Isaac (2012)search

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All Groups \ Comedy \ 3 m, 3 f, to play var. roles. \ Unit set. \ This hilarious and heartwarming play by the author of Beau Jest tells the story of a young man in search of spiritual identity. Isaac begins by informing the audience that "things may go a little differently tonight because my mother is in the audience" and, from the audience, his mother becomes a persistent presence in the play. Isaac tells how he learned about the threatened Neo Nazi demonstration in Skokie and he wonders how if this incident should concern him as an American Jew. Various characters that he encounters in funny and touching scenes offer a confounding array of possible positions to adopt and two women significantly affect the path of his journey. Intermittently, Isaac illustrates his inner conflict with fantastical parodies of old movies. \ "Hilarious, shrewd and touching." Chicago Sun Times.
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