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9780692889817 - Eingyeo: Spanking

Spanking (2017)search

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ISBN: 9780692889817search or 0692889817, in english, Red Blossom Books, Red Blossom Books, Red Blossom Books, New, ebook, digital download.

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Illustrations of daily life spankings and punishments in prisons, school, and homes from Eingyeo, an up and coming illustrator of corporal punishment artwork and cartooning. Sisters disciplining brothers, teachers punishing uppity students; the themes many love and will begin to love are all present here in a series of vignettes of daily life. Scenes of emotion, scenes of shame, scenes of strictness; they are all present in this work. This is Eingyeo's first collection of cartoons, now available online in the English language.
Category: Manga
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Spanking: Over Her Knee Author
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Spanking: Over Her Knee AuthorEingyeo: Spanking: Over Her Knee Author
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