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9780711701908 - Ken Ward: Footpath Touring: Introduction Bk. 1
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Footpath Touring: Introduction Bk. 1 (1993)search

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ISBN: 9780711701908search or 0711701903, in english, 32 pages, Jarrold Publishing, Paperback, New.

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Compiled by Ken Ward, the Backpackers Club president, this series of walking tours covers some of Britain's best natural landscapes. Each route is divided into daily stages. Accommodation listings are also included. paperback, Format: Import, Label: Jarrold Publishing, Jarrold Publishing, Product group: Book, Published: 1993-04-01, Studio: Jarrold Publishing.
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Footpath Touring: Introduction Bk. 1Ken Ward: Footpath Touring: Introduction Bk. 1
ISBN: 9780711701908

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