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0711703825 - Janet Jeacock: Cambridge Colleges (Breydon)
Janet Jeacock (?):

Cambridge Colleges (Breydon) (?)

ISBN: 0711703825 (?) or 9780711703827, in english, Jarrold Publishing, Used.

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From Seller/Antiquarian.
england,europe,general,great britain,pictorial,travel, Cambridge Colleges (Regional Cities and Towns), Cambridge Colleges details the history and development of each of Cambridge University's 31 colleges, as well as the university itself. Illustrated with colour photographs and a handy map, this book is ideal for any visitor who wishes to tour the colleges or learn more about the places, the people and the evens that have made these institutions famous throughout the world.
9780711703827 - Janet Jeacock: Cambridge Colleges
Janet Jeacock (?):

Cambridge Colleges (1988) (?)

ISBN: 9780711703827 (?) or 0711703825, in english, The History Press, Paperback, New.

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From Seller/Antiquarian.
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