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9780711977105 - Editor: Michael Story: Pop Quartets for All - Flute/Piccolo
Editor: Michael Storysearch

Pop Quartets for All - Flute/Piccolo (2000)search

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ISBN: 9780711977105search or 0711977100, in english, 24 pages, Warner Bros Publications, Used.

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Description All of Tori Amos' seventeen singles releases in print together for the first time in this stunning volume. Arranged for piano and voice with full lyrics and guitar chord boxes. Songlist Caught A Lite Sneeze China Cornflake Girl Crucify God Hey Jupiter In The Springtime Of His Voodoo Jackie's Strength Me And A Gun Past The Mission Pretty Good Year Professional Widow Raspberry Swirl Silent All These Years Spark Talula Winter, Sheet music, Label: Warner Bros Publications, Warner Bros Publications, Product group: Book, Published: 2000-12-18, Release date: 2000-12-18, Studio: Warner Bros Publications, Sales rank: 10735914.
9780711977105 - The Joy of Piano Entertainment

The Joy of Piano Entertainmentsearch

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ISBN: 9780711977105search or 0711977100, in english, Music Sales Limited, New.

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Agay, Denes, edCaught a lite SneezeChinaCornflake GirlCrucifyGodHey JupiterIn the Springtime of his VoodooJackie's StrenghMe and a GunPast the MissionPretty good YearProfessional WidowRaspberry SwirlSilent all these YearsSparkTalulaWinterThe Singlesatori Amos, Neuware, International shipping, offene Rechnung (Vorkasse vorbehalten), Selbstabholung und Barzahlung, PayPal.