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ISBN: 9780719818912

9780719818912 - Irons, Owen G.: Saloon
Irons, Owen G. (?):

Saloon (?)

ISBN: 9780719818912 (?) or 0719818915, in english, Robert Hale, New, ebook

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From Seller/Antiquarian
Fiction, The spot where the lady is put off the train is wretched, over-heated and barren. It is high desert country, uninhabited, suitable only for the wild creatures that can live without water. Diane Kingsley is part-owner of the Cock's Crow Saloon in the distant town of Sand Hill, but she has rubbed some of the men, her erstwhile partners, up the wrong way, and these men have gobbled up her shares. Finally they saw to it that she was thrown aboard a westbound train and sent out alone into the desert. Well not quite alone, for, when she arrives, she finds that she has been riding with Walt Cassidy, who has also been run out of Sand Hill, for shooting the man who killed his horse. Walt is desperate, but he does not know Diane Kingsley. He does not know the number of friends Diane has to help her in her irrational quest to build a saloon in an empty land - no matter how many guns are sent to stop her. eBook
Seller order number: 95603383
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Category: Fiction
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ISBN (alternative notations): 0-7198-1891-5, 978-0-7198-1891-2
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SaloonIrons, Owen G.: Saloon
ISBN: 9780719818912

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