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Cost-Based, Charge-Based, and Contractual Payment Systems (Healthcare Payment
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9781466539600 - Duane C. Abbey: Cost-Based, Charge-Based, and Contractual Payment Systems (Healthcare Payment Systems)
Duane C. Abbey (?):

Cost-Based, Charge-Based, and Contractual Payment Systems (Healthcare Payment Systems) (2012) (?)

ISBN: 9781466539600 (?) or 1466539607, in english, 186 pages, Productivity Press, New, first edition, ebook, digital download

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The fourth book in the Healthcare Payment System series, Cost-Based, Charge-Based, and Contractual Payment Systems compares cost-based systems, charge-based payment approaches, and contractually-based payment processes with fee-schedule payment systems and prospective payment systems. Supplying readers with a clear understanding of important background material on the different types of healthcare providers, it covers the basics of cost-based, charge-based, and contractual payment systems. The book illustrates essential concepts with a series of simple case studies—making it ideal for anyone interested in learning more about the specific systems and processes used for payment in healthcare services. It discusses Medicare cost-based payment systems, Medicare payment approaches, and includes an appendix that outlines the various Medicare payment systems. Demystifying contractual language, it outlines managed care contracts and also: Delves into the intricacies involved with adjudication of claims Considers capitated payment systems Addresses healthcare costs and cost-based reimbursement systems Examines charge-based and contractual payment systems Describes where healthcare payment systems are headed in the future Since compliance is inherent throughout the process of providing services, filling claims, and receiving payment, the book examines the range of compliance concerns, including statutory, contractual, and overpayment issues. Using numerous examples to illustrate the processes used for capitated contract arrangements, the book includes coverage of claim adjustment, managed care contracts, and the various combinations of payment systems used by third-party administrators. , Kindle Edition, Edition: 1, Format: Kindle eBook, Label: Productivity Press, Productivity Press, Product group: eBooks, Published: 2012-09-14, Release date: 2012-09-14, Studio: Productivity Press, Sales rank: 1763265
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Cost-Based, Charge-Based, and Contractual Payment Systems (Healthcare Payment Systems)Duane C. Abbey: Cost-Based, Charge-Based, and Contractual Payment Systems (Healthcare Payment Systems)
ISBN: 9781466539600

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