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9781584369073 - Linda Seger: Jesus Rode a Donkey - Book
Linda Seger (?):

Jesus Rode a Donkey (2016) (?)

ISBN: 9781584369073 (?) or 1584369078, in english, Haven Books, Haven Books, Haven Books, New, ebook, digital download

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Linda Seger, Th.D, one of the world's best known script consultants and author of multiple professional books, is also a theologian and noted spiritual thinker and author. Her newly revised book, with updates for 2016, is Jesus Rode a Donkey: Why Millions of Christians are Democrats. Seger begins with simple, but riveting questions: If Jesus were alive today, would he feed the poor, or give tax breaks to the super rich? Would he comfort the old and infirm-or cut Social Security? Would he build bridges to unite, or walls to divide? Would he embrace a national policy of making peace, or making war? In the current American political climate, media pundits often spin differing perspectives into polarized opposites, leaving opponents stuck in categories that don't accurately represent their actual beliefs. "This kind of polarized thinking tends to put people in boxes," Seger observed, "Boxes that may not accurately represent their true thoughts or feelings. Some folks would have us believe that Christianity is virtually synonymous with traditional conservatism. But when we look more closely, we realize this is not the case." The author reveals there is, in fact, a close relationship between Democratic policy and Jesus' teachings. The idea that America's real Christians vote strictly Republican crumbles as readers peruse Linda Seger's careful study of both parties' platforms. Jesus Rode a Donkey reminds the reader that Jesus and the prophets had a radical, progressive message that calls individuals and nations to feed the hungry, help the poor, heal the sick, free the oppressed, and love our enemies.
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