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9781610260275 - Barbara Cary: Miracles and Magic
Barbara Cary (?):

Miracles and Magic (2011) (?)

ISBN: 9781610260275 (?) or 1610260279, in english, 216 pages, ImaJinn Books, Inc. New, first edition, ebook, digital download

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From Seller/Antiquarian
Psychic Brienne Quaid can handle an object and “feel” the presence of the person to whom it belonged. As a child, she witnessed how the same extraordinary powers unhinged her mother and wrecked her parents’ marriage. Afraid of sharing her mother’s fate, Brie hides and controls her psychic abilities. Now, after years of subduing her “gift,” she’s haunted by dreams portending death by drowning in a flood. For sanity’s sake, she flees Los Angeles in hopes of finding security and peace with her aunt in New Mexico. But a wrong turn during a thunderstorm nearly brings her nightmarish vision true when she comes within inches of plunging her car into rainswollen Milagro Creek. She’s rescued by Cal Porter, a man whose tortured soul radiates anger, pain, and a sadness so deep that it terrifies Brie almost as much as her dark visions. Eight years ago, Cal Porter was suspected of foul play in the disappearance of his wife and daughter. Though cleared of any wrongdoing, he’s shunned by everyone but his immediate family. He’s hiding from the world in a remote desert canyon, writing awardwinning mystery novels and trying to find out why and how his wife and daughter disappeared. When he’s forced out of his isolation to rescue Brie Quaid from the overflowing banks of Milagro Creek, he resents her intrusion on his solitude, but he’s also fascinated by her eerie resemblance to a character in his latest novel. Is Cal’s and Brie’s meeting coincidence? Or is fate offering them a chance for miracles and magic… if they can keep Brie’s fatal vision from coming true? , Kindle Edition, Edition: 1, Format: Kindle eBook, Label: ImaJinn Books, Inc. ImaJinn Books, Inc. Product group: eBooks, Published: 2011-03-10, Release date: 2011-03-10, Studio: ImaJinn Books, Inc. Sales rank: 2965529
Platform order number Amazon.com: B004RR0XV8
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Miracles and MagicBarbara Cary: Miracles and Magic
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