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A Polity of Persuasion: Gift and Grief of Anglicanism
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9781610974035 - A Polity of Persuasion: Gift and Grief of Anglicanism

A Polity of Persuasion: Gift and Grief of Anglicanism (?)

ISBN: 9781610974035 (?) or 1610974034, probably in english, New

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At an international level, Anglicanism has almost no mandating or juridical power. Stresses and threats of division over issues such as human sexuality have resulted in moves to enhance the Communion's central structures and instruments. However, it is becoming clear that there is little likelihood of substantial change in this direction succeeding, at least in the medium term. The challenge for Anglicanism is to make a "polity of persuasion" work more effectively. This volume seeks to identify some trends and shifts of emphasis in Anglican ecclesiology to serve that end. Jeffrey Driver argues that there is more at stake in such an exercise than Anglican unity. In an ever-shrinking, pluralist, and conflicted world, where oneness is often forced by dominance, the People of God are called to model something different. The injunction of Jesus, "it is not so among you," challenged his followers to use power and live in community in a way that contrasted with what occurred "among the Gentiles" (Mark 10:41-45). This is why the sometimes tedious debates about authority and structure in the Anglican Communion could actually matter--because they might have something to say about being human in community, about sharing power and coexisting, about living interdependently on a tiny and increasingly stressed planet. The Anglican experiment in dispersed authority, for all its grief, could be a powerful gift. "There can be few writers, at present, who are able to comment on the challenges that are facing Anglicanism, with such wisdom and insight. Driver writes as both a scholar and an archbishop, and as such is able to bring an all too rare re-visioning of what the church is and might yet become. This is an accessible and scholarly book that leads to deeper reflection and new ways of envisioning Anglican Identity." --Martyn Percy, Principal, Ripon College, Cuddesdon, Oxford "In addition to being an acknowledged commentator on international Anglican affairs, Driver's own contributions to public discussions about the identity and integrity of Anglicanism as a senior church leader reveal his personal commitment to respectful dialogue and his deeply held conviction that fellowship is integral to theological discourse. . . . Those alleging that the Anglican Communion is dying will find much that is life-giving in this highly engaging and thoroughly insightful book. It is highly recommended." --Tom Frame, Former Director, St Mark's National Theological Centre, Canberra, Australia "This is a timely and important book. How the church handles difference, conflict, and dissent is vital to its presentation of the gospel. This is especially so in a loose-limbed ecclesiology such as Anglicans have. This book sets out the issues clearly, presents a good argument, and is full of good ideas. Its discussion of a polity of persuasion is vital . . . and essential for Christians in all circumstances to engage with." --Bruce Kaye, Adjunct Research Professor, Centre for Public and Contextual Theology, Charles Sturt University, Australia Jeffrey W. Driver is the Anglican Archbishop of Adelaide in Australia. He is an adjunct lecturer in Charles Sturt University's School of Theology.
9781610974035 - Jeffrey W. Driver: A Polity of Persuasion: Gift and Grief of Anglicanism
Jeffrey W. Driver (?):

A Polity of Persuasion: Gift and Grief of Anglicanism (?)

ISBN: 9781610974035 (?) or 1610974034, in english, Wipf & Stock Publishers, Paperback, New

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A-Polity-of-Persuasion~~Jeffrey-W-Driver, A Polity of Persuasion: Gift and Grief of Anglicanism, paperback
9781610974035 - A Polity of Persuasion

A Polity of Persuasion (?)

ISBN: 9781610974035 (?) or 1610974034, in english, Paperback, New

From Seller/Antiquarian
A Polity of Persuasion: paperback: Cascade Books: 9781610974035: 23 Apr 2014