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9781611880267 - Emily Sue Harvey: Unto These Hills
Emily Sue Harvey (?):

Unto These Hills (2011) (?)

ISBN: 9781611880267 (?) or 1611880262, in english, Story Plant The, Story Plant The, Story Plant The, New, ebook, digital download

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From Seller/Antiquarian
A subtle tale deep with character and southern atmosphere to die for. Emily Sue Harvey has a sure touch and strong voice. She's a talent to watch." - Steve Berry New York Times bestselling author"Unto These Hills is strong in its characterization and Emily Sue Harvey captures the humor and heartbreak of Southern Culture. The scenes are real and the emotions deep. A wonderfully readable novel." - Kay Allenbaugh bestselling author of Chocolate for a Woman's Soul"Emily Sue Harvey creates a strong Southern voice vibrant characters and a story that moves us from commonplace life to the brink of emotional destruction and back to salvation." - Gwen Hunter author of Ashes to AshesUnto These Hills is an unforgettable novel of love scandal family and roots by one of the most emotionally authentic authors of our time. Taking us into the deep South's Tucapau Mill Hill it introduces us to the unforgettable Sunny Acklin. Betrayed abandoned and violated Sunny faces one seemingly insurmountable challenge after another. But she never loses her spirit or the memory of the love that once so richly illuminated her world. As years go by Sunny does everything she can to make something of her life until at last an opportunity arises one charged with promise. and undeniable risk. From its vivid evocation of mill hill life to its pitch perfect rendering of the complexities of family and relationships Unto These Hills is at once epic and intensely intimate. It is the richest novel yet from a writer who fluently speaks the language of our deepest feelings.
Seller order number: 9c5f90b7-b126-43fb-a7e9-f40bc09c8f21
Platform order number Kobobooks.fr: 100859781611880267
Category: Romance
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Unto These HillsEmily Sue Harvey: Unto These Hills
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