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9781611880663 - James Lepore: The Fifth Man
James Lepore (?):

The Fifth Man (2013) (?)

ISBN: 9781611880663 (?) or 1611880661, in english, Story Plant, The, Story Plant, The, Story Plant, The, New, ebook, digital download

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National bestselling author James LePore's searing, intense novel SONS AND PRINCES riveted readers with its epic depiction of a man caught between crime and conscience. Reviewers were understandably awed: LePore had me hooked from the very first line, which is not hard to do when you're asked to envision body parts showing up in a suitcase. . An absolute must-read!" The Celebrity Café LePore writes a captivating story nearly impossible to put down. His characters are both memorable and frightening. . This is an outstanding book, destined to be a classic." Pick of the Literate If you have not read a book from Mr. LePore you are missing out. hard-hitting characters, a strong story line, and a craving for more!" Cheryl's Book NookNow LePore returns with a sequel to SONS AND PRINCES. It is eight years later and life has changed overwhelmingly for Chris Massi and his son Matt. Chris now possesses more power than he ever could have imagined. But with power comes considerable, unremitting risk. And when Matt finds himself drawing the attention of the Russian Mafia, the risks become all too immediate and the reaction all too crucial. As the circle widens to include Chris's daughter and the woman that has surprisingly captured Matt's heart, Chris must make moves that could make him and his entire family vulnerable. Rippling with tension, THE FIFTH MAN is a story of strength and consequences, of the price of the past and the perilous path to the future. It is James LePore at the height of his storytelling skills.
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