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9781612346267 - Raymond, Janice G.: Not a Choice, Not a Job
Raymond, Janice G. (?):

Not a Choice, Not a Job (?)

ISBN: 9781612346267 (?) or 161234626X, in english, Potomac Books Inc, PTMBK, PTMBK, Used

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A generation ago, most people did not know how ubiquitous and grave human trafficking was. Now many people agree that the $35.7 billion business is an appalling violation of human rights. But when confronted with prostitution, many people experience an odd disconnect because prostitution is shrouded in myths, among them the claims that prostitution is inevitable,? and prostitution is a job or service like any other. InNot a Choice, Not a Job, Janice Raymond challenges both the myths and their perpetrators. Raymond demonstrates that prostitution is not sex but sexual exploitation, and that legalizing and decriminalizing the system of prostitutionas opposed to the prostituted womenpromotes sex trafficking, expands the sex industry, and invites organized crime. Specifically, Raymond exposes how legalized prostitution in the Netherlands, Germany, Australia, and Nevada worsens crime and endangers women. In contrast, she reveals, when governments work to prevent the demand for prostitution by prosecuting pimps, brothels, and prostitution usersas in Norway, Sweden, and Icelandtrafficking does not increase, women are better protected, and fewer men buy sex. Raymond expands the boundaries of scholarship in women?s studies, making this book indispensable to human rights advocates around the world.
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Not a Choice, Not a JobRaymond, Janice G.: Not a Choice, Not a Job
ISBN: 9781612346267

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