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9781614871156 - James Fitzjames Stephen, Editor: Stuart D. Warner: Liberty, Equality, Fraternity
James Fitzjames Stephen, Editor: Stuart D. Warner (?):

Liberty, Equality, Fraternity (1993) (?)

ISBN: 9781614871156 (?) or 1614871159, in english, 299 pages, Liberty Fund Inc. New, ebook, digital download

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Students of political theory will welcome the return to print of this brilliant defense of ordered liberty. Impugning John Stuart Mill’s famous treatise, On Liberty, Stephen criticized Mill for turning abstract doctrines of the French Revolution into “the creed of a religion.” Only the constraints of morality and law make liberty possible, warned Stephen, and attempts to impose unlimited freedom, material equality, and an indiscriminate love of humanity will lead inevitably to coercion and tyranny. Liberty must be restrained by custom and tradition if it is to endure; equality must be limited to equality before the law if it is to be just; and fraternity must include actual men, not the amorphous mass of mankind, if it is to be real and genuine. Please note: This title is available as an ebook for purchase on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and iTunes. , Kindle Edition, Edition: New Ed, Format: Kindle eBook, Label: Liberty Fund Inc. Liberty Fund Inc. Product group: eBooks, Published: 1993-06-30, Release date: 1993-06-30, Studio: Liberty Fund Inc. Sales rank: 1299608
Platform order number Amazon.com: B008YCE4O4
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Liberty, Equality, FraternityJames Fitzjames Stephen, Editor: Stuart D. Warner: Liberty, Equality, Fraternity
ISBN: 9781614871156

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