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9781618452993 - K. Lyn: In Love We Trust
K. Lyn (?):

In Love We Trust (2014) (?)

ISBN: 9781618452993 (?) or 1618452991, in english, Beau to Beau Books, Beau to Beau Books, Beau to Beau Books, New, ebook, digital download

£ 2.61 ( 2.93)¹(free shipping, without obligation)
From Seller/Antiquarian
Trusting in love can be dangerous and deadly, blinding us to reality. Adonis Rising: When Leah falls in love with a man who shares her interests and dreams, she knows he is the one for her. What she does not know is that he carries with him dark secrets and a past that nearly destroyed him. She tries to understand him, but he pushes her away and into the arms of another man. When this new man learns the identity of Leah's on again, off again lover, he realizes that he, too, is involved in what could be an entanglement of the most dangerous kind. Black Raven: When Vicki notices a small tear in the wallpaper of her old house, she discovers a hole in the actual wall. Tearing down the thin plaster, she finds a room of thick cement. Searching the internet for information about the houses in her neighborhood, she learns that years ago the area had been part of the Underground Railroad for runaway slaves. With a plausible explanation for the room that seems awkward in its placement, she runs her hands along the cold cement and the faded scribbled names. One appears to be Wilson but the last name is unclear. A voice from behind her booms, "Wilson Jones." A stunned Vicki turns to see a tall, dark man with full lips and bulging muscles. Inheritance: When Anya reluctantly agrees to a year on her family's ranch, a rite of passage by all who are born into the great Brandywine Empire, she expects to be met by a driver in a limousine but instead sees a pickup truck covered with dried mud. As she is helped into the dirty vehicle that smells of manure, she silently curses her father for imposing such hardship upon her, but one look at the sexy cowboy whose hands are on the wheel of the aromatic vehicle and Anya decides that a year away from the arrogant moneyed men of her world may not be so bad. Scheme Weaver: Sadie believes she has found true happiness when she meets a young veterinarian. Her ex, however, harbors bad feelings toward her and resents her ability t
Seller order number: 450358c1-2787-41b3-b725-4d5d2f2fe832
Platform order number Kobobooks.fr: 101629781618452993
Category: Romance
Keywords: In Love We Trust K. Lyn Contemporary Romance 9781618452993
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In Love We TrustK. Lyn: In Love We Trust
ISBN: 9781618452993

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