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Quotations (Art and Creative Series)100%: William Shakespeare: Quotations (Art and Creative Series) (ISBN: 9781841652627) in english, Publisher: Pitkin Publishing, Paperback.
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William Shakespeare Quotations (Groundcover)60%: William Shakespeare Quotations (Groundcover) (ISBN: 9780711716070) in english.
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1841652628 - William Shakespeare: Quotations (Art and Creative Series)
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Quotations (Art and Creative Series)search

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ISBN: 1841652628search or 9781841652627, in english, Pitkin Publishing, Used.

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essays,essays and correspondence,european,history and criticism,humanities,literature,literature and fiction,movements and periods,regional and cultural,shakespeare, Many of Shakespeare's quotations have become common parlance. Many people may not be aware of their source. This slim, beautifully-illustrated volume will delight all Shakespeare devotees. Dip in and out to remind you of some of his greatest lines. Look out for more Pitkin Guides on the very best of British poetry, history, heritage and travel, particularly those in the Pitkin Collectibles Series.
9781841652627 - Lambert Charlie: William Shakespeare Quotations
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William Shakespeare Quotationssearch

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ISBN: 9781841652627search or 1841652628, in english, Veloce Publishing Ltd, Paperback, New.

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A selection of some of the most well known of Shakespeare's quotations and also some of his lesser known works.
9780711716070 - William Shakespeare Quotations (Groundcover)

William Shakespeare Quotations (Groundcover)search

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ISBN: 9780711716070search or 0711716072, in english, Used.

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Tourist guide to Shakespeare country.