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9781860942990 - Trovarelli, Alessandro: Catalysis by Ceria and Related Materials
Trovarelli, Alessandro (?):

Catalysis by Ceria and Related Materials (?)

ISBN: 9781860942990 (?) or 1860942997, in english, World Scientific Publishing Company, New, ebook

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Science, The use of CeO 2 -based materials in catalysis has attracted considerable attention in recent years, particularly in applications like environmental catalysis, where ceria has shown great potential. This book critically reviews the most recent advances in the field, with the focus on both fundamental and applied issues. The first few chapters cover structural and chemical properties of ceria and related materials, i.E. phase stability, reduction behaviour, synthesis, interaction with probe molecules (CO, O 2 , NO), and metal–support interaction — all presented from the viewpoint of catalytic applications. The use of computational techniques and ceria surfaces and films for model catalytic studies are also reviewed. The second part of the book provides a critical evaluation of the role of ceria in the most important catalytic processes: three-way catalysis, catalytic wet oxidation and fluid catalytic cracking. Other topics include oxidation–combustion catalysts, electrocatalysis and the use of cerium catalysts/additives in diesel soot abatement technology. Contents: Mining, Production, Application and Safety Issues of Cerium-based Materials (K Schermanz); Structural Properties and Nonstoichiometric Behavior of CeO 2 (A Trovarelli); Synthesis and Modification of Ceria-based Materials (G Adachi & T Masui); Chemical and Nanostructural Aspects of the Preparation and Characterisation of Ceria and Ceria-Based Mixed Oxide-Supported Metal Catalysts (S Bernal et al.); Studies of Ceria-containing Catalysts Using Magnetic Resonance and X-ray Based Spectroscopies (J C Conesa et al.); Structural Properties and Thermal Stability of Ceria-Zirconia and Related Materials (J Ka©par & P Fornasiero); Oxygen Storage/Redox Capacity and Related Phenomena on Ceria-based Catalysts (D Duprez & C Descorme); Computer Simulation Studies of Ceria-based Oxides (M Saiful Islam & G Balducci); Ceria Surfaces and Films for Model Catalytic Studies Using Surface Analysis Techniques (S H Overbury & D R Mullins); Ceria and Other Oxygen Storage Components in Automotive Catalysts (M Shelef et al.); SO 2 Poisoning of Ceria-Supported, Metal Catalysts (R J Gorte & T Luo); Cerium and Platinum Based Diesel Fuel Additives in the Diesel Soot Abatement Technology (M Makkee et al.); Fundamentals and Applications of Ceria in Combustion Reactions (M Primet & E Garbowski); Ceria-based Wet-Oxidation Catalysts (S Imamura); Ceria-based Electrodes (M Mogensen); The Use of Ceria in FCC, Dehydrogenation and Other Catalytic Applications (M Boaro et al.). Readership: Graduate students, researchers, academics and industrialists in catalyst, industrial, physical and solid state chemistry, as well as chemical engineering and materials science. eBook
9781860942990 - Alessandro Trovarelli: Catalysis by Ceria and Related Materials
Alessandro Trovarelli (?):

Catalysis by Ceria and Related Materials (?)

ISBN: 9781860942990 (?) or 1860942997, in english, Imperial College Press, hardcover, New

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Catalysis-by-Ceria-and-Related-Materials~~Alessandro-Trovarelli, Catalysis by Ceria and Related Materials, hardcover