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ISBN: 9786130537463

Best price: £ 40.76 ( 45.30)¹ (from 04/09/2016)
9786130537463 - Lambert M. Surhone; Miriam T. Timpledon; Susan F. Marseken: Thalassery
Lambert M. Surhone; Miriam T. Timpledon; Susan F. Marseken (?):

Thalassery (?)

ISBN: 9786130537463 (?) or 6130537468, in english, New.

£ 43.99 (Fr. 53.40)¹ + Shipping: £ 12.35 (Fr. 15.00)¹ = £ 56.34 (Fr. 68.40)¹(without obligation)
plus shipping, Versandfertig innert 3 - 5 Werktagen.
From Seller/Antiquarian.
Thalassery, High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! Thalassery, also known as Tellicherry, is a city on the Malabar Coast of Kerala, India. This is the second largest city of North Malabar. It is 21 km from the district headquarters, Kannur. The name Tellicherry is the anglicized form of Thalassery. Thalassery municipality has a population just less than 100,000. Tellicherry is in Kannur district. The palm-fringed geography of Tellicherry is adorned with four rivers, canals, hills with orange hued rock and a long scenic coastline. One of the four rivers is the Mahé River (Mayyazhi river). During the British Raj, the Mahé River was nicknamed the English Channel, because it separated British-ruled Tellicherry from French-ruled Mahé. Muzhappilangad, a 5 km long beach, is located within 6 km of the city centre.
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ISBN (alternative notations): 613-0-53746-8, 978-613-0-53746-3
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Lowest price: £ 40.76 ( 45.30)¹ (from 04/09/2016 09:08:42)
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ThalasseryLambert M. Surhone; Miriam T. Timpledon; Susan F. Marseken: Thalassery
ISBN: 9786130537463

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