Whispers in the trees: #FollowMe Jana Kyclova Author
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9786150071985 - Whispers in the trees: #FollowMe Jana Kyclova Author

Whispers in the trees: #FollowMe Jana Kyclova Authorsearch

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ISBN: 9786150071985search or 6150071987, probably in english, Europe Village Ltd. New, ebook, digital download.

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What makes a book a bestseller? First of all, an author who is imaginative, creates three-dimensional characters, and has something to say about the world. But what can five authors from five different countries collaborating together achieve?A novel five times better!Our heroine, Laura, is a career-driven woman. But, one day, her life — and career— spirals out of control when her boss informs her that he has discovered she is being charged by the police for a crime she knows she didn’t commit. Laura has no choice but to investigate the allegations amidst increasing pressure from her boss who is threatening to end her life-long career in a matter of days for the sake of the company’s reputation. Everything seems to point to Sarah, Laura’s scattered, whimsical twin sister who runs the second-hand bookshop in a small town she and her sister inherited, and whom Laura has not seen in years. While there, the past that Laura has tried to run away from, resurfaces. When Laura visits her sister’s home to confront her, she finds that Sarah is missing; the only thing left behind is a mysterious diary – the first clue in a series that leads her on a road trip across Europe. At each destination, Laura is compelled to complete tasks which lead her to revisit who she once was – a part of herself she has tried so hard to forget. Laura’s race against the clock leads her to old friends and new acquaintances where no one is who they seem. Not knowing who to trust, Laura knows that she has to let her old self take control and reawaken forgotten abilities. This is it: a truly 21th century-novel, created through the collaboration of five young authors. This interesting experiment set out to prove that, together, we can do more! Could this form of joint literary creation renew the way novels are written? You be the judge, dear reader.
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Lowest price: £ 2.47 ( 2.73)¹ (from 04/11/2020 05:30:52)
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Whispers in the trees: #FollowMe Jana Kyclova AuthorWhispers in the trees: #FollowMe Jana Kyclova Author
ISBN: 9786150071985

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