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9786156072023 - The Fury of the Tsar - Bonfire David Autere Author

The Fury of the Tsar - Bonfire David Autere Authorsearch

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“A controversial, thought-provoking, insightful, yet entertaining book. A new Tom Clancy is born.” Dario Quintavalle (Limes) “I ignored meetings, calls, and impeachment hearings to devour this book. For any reader who values history, enjoys fiction, and follows East-West power politics, this book is a mesmerizing tour de force. Part intelligence briefing, part cinema verité, it’s a powerful, unnerving ride.” Victor Gaetan (The American Spectator) There is Russian meddling and there is American meddling. There are Russian killers and there are American killers. This unique book is about both illustrious groups. It leads the reader into the greyrealm of geopolitical competition; past and present battles of unimaginable crueltywaged behind the scenes. In The Fury of the Tsar, we enter the heart of the Kremlin and the military-industrial complex of the United States, all wrapped into the fire of Eastern European history. This is a world of iron-hearted politicians, serving their nations without remorse, but not without vanity, and hot-headed nationalists who live for glory. A huge mosaic both in time and space, from the 1980s until today, from the frontlines of Ukraine to the chaos of the Balkans. Step by step, the truth is uncovered, and it becomes clear why the Tsar of Russia is furious and what he is capable of doing when cornered. And he is indeed in the corner. Things are not going well in Ukraine and Belarus for Russia, and a new economic crisis is at the door. The Russian populace is already restive, and huge Romanian gas and oil discoveries on the Black Sea endanger the only successful segment of the Russian economy: energy exports. Patrick Tanner is a former American black operations soldier, who is responsible for the cold-blooded massacre of almost seventy civilians in Bosnia. Tanner, who just moved to Budapest, Hungary, finds himself in the middle of the storm, and soon realizes, that not only the Russians are working to plunge Eastern Europe into ethnic war, but his own former colleagues are as well. Not that he is surprised, for he knows all too well, that there are American killers, too.
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The Fury of the Tsar - Bonfire David Autere AuthorThe Fury of the Tsar - Bonfire David Autere Author
ISBN: 9786156072023

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