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9786185160166 - Samos Terrain Editions 331

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Samos at 1:50,000 on a contoured, GPS compatible hiking map published by Terrain Cartography group together with Skai Maps, and printed on light, waterproof and tear-resistant Polyart plastic paper, with extensive tourist information.Topography is very well presented by contours, enhanced by spot heights, subtle relief shading and additional altitude colouring. Contour interval, unless indicated below to the contrary, is 20m. National parks and other protected areas are marked. All place names are shown in both Greek and Latin alphabet. The maps have a UTM grid, plus latitude and longitude margin ticks.Hiking trails are graded between main routes and narrow trails. A wide range of symbols indicate various places of interest and recreational facilities, with main sights clearly highlighted. Most titles distinguish between sandy and pebble beaches; some also indicate beaches with natural shade and/or the type of sea bed.Road network is very clearly graded according to width and the type of surface, distinguishing between good and rough dirt roads. Distances are marked on most small local roads, as well as locations of petrol stations and/or tyre repair workshops. Scenic routes are highlighted. Each map also shows which ports are served by ferry services.Many titles include a street plan of the island’s main town, with colouring clearly showing various tourist facilities. The reverse side of each title is covered by general information about the island, illustrated with colour photos. Many titles also include brief descriptions of recommended hiking trails.*Map legend and all the text include English.**In this title:*contour interval is 100m. The map includes a street plan of Samos Town at 1:4,000, plus descriptions of six hiking trails. 70x100cm.
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