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Poems About Life: Every Moment is Meaningful - compare all offers

9789523180291 - Kristiina Mickiläinen: Poems About Life: Every Moment is Meaningful
Kristiina Mickiläinen (?):

Poems About Life: Every Moment is Meaningful (2014) (?)

ISBN: 9789523180291 (?) or 9523180290, in english, 28 pages, Books on Demand, New, first edition, ebook, digital download

eBook download, Ilmainen toimitus.
From Seller/Antiquarian
Kristiina Mickiläinen's first book of poetry stops to listen,answering the question: Who are you and what is your role in the moment. Life recalls the past and makes room for the future, giving, but also taking.”The act of wakingIs life itselfThat, which you do,Is life – your story unfolds...– Kristiina Mickiläinen”, Kindle Edition, Painos: 1, Muodossa: Kindle eBook, Etiketti: Books on Demand, Books on Demand, Tuoteryhmä: eBooks, Julkaistu: 2014-09-16, Julkaisupäivä: 2014-09-16, Studio: Books on Demand
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