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9789674150518 - Phang, Swee Lan: Reminiscences: Taiping Gospel Hall 1880-1980
Phang, Swee Lan (?):

Reminiscences: Taiping Gospel Hall 1880-1980 (2012) (?)

ISBN: 9789674150518 (?) or 967415051X, in english, MPH, MPH, MPH, New, ebook, digital download

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It has been a priceless privilege for me to be associated with the Taiping Gospel Hall since infancy. My parents came into this country from China towards the close of the 19th century. In China they were idol worshippers, but, by the grace of God, they came to know Christ through contact with the early pioneer missionaries. Mr. Alfred Green was especially helpful - he gave my father a Bible and taught him to read the Word of God. And even though my father had not received very much education, he was able to memorise certain portions of the Bible which made him wise unto salvation. My mother, too, responded to the claims of Christ and both were baptised at the Chinese Gospel Hall, which was originally erected at Simpang Road, near the present Forest Checking Station. Of all the missionaries who laboured in Taiping, Mr. & Mrs. H.F. Marks served the longest - for about 52 years! We owe them a debt of thanks for their labour of love and loving concern towards us for three generations. I remember that it was Mrs. Rose Marks who took me to the King Edward VII School for admission into the Primary Department at the age of 7. It was also partly through dear Mrs. Marks that my wife was admitted into boarding school at the Lady Treacher Girls' School. Since infancy I have had the privilege of attending the Sunday School and the Saturday evening meetings for young people at the Hall. I surrendered my life to Christ at 18 and I have never regretted my decision. I can testify of the faithfulness of my Lord. The Lord provided me a life partner from the same assembly and it is now 56 years since we were married. God has given us 12 children and 18 grandchildren who love and follow the Lord Jesus Christ. Our assembly testimony has stood for almost one hundred years. Even as we attempt to record the assembly history, we cannot help but praise God for His blessings and sustaining grace. We raise our Ebenezer to the Lord for the immeasurable wealth of His grace, by means of His go
9789674150518 - Phang, Swee Lan: Reminiscences
Phang, Swee Lan (?):

Reminiscences (?)

ISBN: 9789674150518 (?) or 967415051X, in english, New, ebook, digital download

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Taiping Gospel Hall 1880-1980, Taiping Gospel Hall 1880-1980