I Am the Voice: A call back to God's original plan Elizabeth Hyson Author
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9789976997859 - I Am the Voice: A call back to God's original plan Elizabeth Hyson Author

I Am the Voice: A call back to God's original plan Elizabeth Hyson Authorsearch

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ISBN: 9789976997859search or 997699785X, probably in english, Tanzania National Library, Dar Es Salaam Tanzania, Paperback, New.

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We are in the last days indeed and our Lord Jesus Christ is coming back to take His church. But before His second coming a very great darkness is going to cover the earth and the people (Isaiah 60: 2, Joel 2:2), what we see now is just the beginning of the gross darkness to come. But the good news is that during this great darkness is when the fullness of God's glory and power is going to be experienced. God is going to release His power and glory like never before, and this book is among the tools He is using to prepare you. This book aims to awaken the Church; it is not just another Christian book but is the work inspired by the Holy Spirit of the Almighty God to prepare you for this season. Through this text you will get to know the vision and plan of God for the times we are in and get aligned so that you become part of what He is doing. The church of our time is busy looking for riches and status; we are busy trying to be like the world while we are called to reveal Jesus! (Roman 12: 2). Truth has become so rare and very few dare to preach it because we don't want to pay the price of being different from the world! Through this book you will understand the true meaning of Christianity and the kingdom of God and we strongly believe that the Holy Spirit will help you to stand and walk on the way of Truth. It is our earnest desire and prayer that through this book you will know your position in the body of Christ and start playing your part. You will also receive the grace to stand firm in the end times and be the ambassador of Truth. We encourage you to read this book prayerfully and alongside your Bible, as you do this the good LORD will open your eyes and spiritual ears to comprehend spiritual realities shared in this book. Receive this book as the gift of God's Love to you and you will be transformed!
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I Am the Voice: A call back to God's original plan Elizabeth Hyson AuthorI Am the Voice: A call back to God's original plan Elizabeth Hyson Author
ISBN: 9789976997859

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