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9789984075945 - Belarus Jana Seta Road Map

Belarus Jana Seta Road Mapsearch

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ISBN: 9789984075945search or 998407594X, in english, Jana Seta, New.

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Belarus at 1:750,000 on an indexed detailed road map from the Riga-based Jana Seta publishers showing a large number of small villages and highlighting various locations of interest. All place names are shown transliterated. The map shows the country’s road network, including selected local dirt tracks, indicating driving distance on main routes and border crossings with full or limited access. Railway lines are also included and local airports are marked. The map also shows internal administrative boundaries with names of the provinces. Towns or villages and other places of interest are highlighted. The terrain is shown by colouring for woodlands and graphics for marshlands. National parks are highlighted. Also marked is the extent of the zone affected by the Chernobyl explosion. The map has latitude and longitude lines at intervals of 30’. The index is on the reverse. Map legend includes English. 92x69cm.
9789984075945 - Bialorus mapa 1:750 000 Jana Seta

Bialorus mapa 1:750 000 Jana Seta (2014)search

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ISBN: 9789984075945search or 998407594X, in english, 2 pages, Jana Seta, New, first edition.

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