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Data protection

The Book Search allows the free use of a The Book Search account for users who want to save on The Book Search searches. Only the data entered or released by the user (e-mail address, name, postal address, if provided) will be stored. An account can be deleted at any time by the user himself via the account settings "cancel your account". All account data can be changed or deleted at any time via the account settings "Change contact data". Further storage of this data does not take place. Likewise, each user can export their saved searches (for books) as a CSV file (using the "Your Saved Searches" account settings). When an account is resolved, this data (saved searches) will also be deleted. If a search is not actively renewed, it will automatically be marked as expired after 3 months (no further emails sent) and deleted after one year. If an account no longer has saved searches and the account has not been used within one year, the account will also be automatically deleted.