Frequently asked questions

  • What is The Book Search?
    The Book Search compares available new and used books of many sellers. It is a book search engine. Look at "About us" for further information.

About search results

  • What means "reduced"?
    If not all results of all included platforms are shown, we display "reduced".
  • What does "Compact", "Optimized", "Books" und "Price spectrum" mean?
    You can decide how results are displayed. Further information can be found on the help for search results.
  • Can i use the keybord instead of mouse?
    Yes, take a look at keyboard usage.
  • My book can not be found, what should i do?
    Obey our search tips. Save your search using your free account.
  • Where can I buy?
    Use the "Order at..." button. This redirects you to the website of the seller. The Book Search does not sell anything.

About search keywords

  • What keywords do i have to / should i enter?
    Enter meaningful keywords from title, author and description text of a book. Obey our search tips.
  • What is the extended search syntax"?
    The "extended search syntax" explains how you can enter search criteria in the search field in order to use the detailed search form.

About ordering

  • Where do i order a book?
    You order at a included platform like Amazon, E-Bay etc. The ordering process is not part of The Book Search.
  • I have a problem with an order, who do i contact?
    Contact the platform on which you have ordered. We do not know that. Ordering is  not part of The Book Search.

You have further questions? Please use our hotline.