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    9780573814617 - David Wiltse: The Good German
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    The Good German (2012)search

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    ISBN: 9780573814617search or 0573814619, in english, Samuel French, Samuel French, Samuel French, New, ebook, digital download.

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    Full Length, Drama \ 3 m, 1 f \ Int. \ Despite his prejudices, Karl Vogel offers refuge to a fugitive Jew during World War II to please his wife. Karl strongly dislikes Wilhelm Braun, but even after his wife dies he refuses to betray his devotion to her and her faith in his decency by evicting him. Karl's friend Siemi, a man who has anti-Semitic sympathies but does not agree with the German government's campaign to demonize Jews, has even become fond of Braun. Even so, Siemi becomes convinced he must betray Braun to the Gestapo in order to save Karl and himself. Karl is forced to decide whether his sense of decency is stronger than his sense of self preservation. Should he protect his unwanted guest or allow him to be turned over to a regime he finds repugnant? \ "Very powerful."-Jewish Ledger.
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