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    9780711704404 - Lord George Gordon Byron: (Poets Series)
    Lord George Gordon Byronsearch

    (Poets Series) (1993)search

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    ISBN: 9780711704404search or 0711704406, in english, 144 pages, Jarrold Pub, hardcover, New.

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    From Seller/Antiquarian, bop305.
    Bestselling series of portable anthologies, contains selected poetry and prose from some of the most famous English and Scottish poets. An attractive six-pocket display pack is also available. hardcover, Label: Jarrold Pub, Jarrold Pub, Product group: Book, Published: 1993-08-01, Studio: Jarrold Pub, Sales rank: 10215381.
    Platform order number LEK0UPNHKxhs8TM56UqX2enb720ZaP guoHxhYWVpS%2FtvEwJeob%2BCFJLN JMBH3hY7kOYRe9PiZ6vzptGW5cw4vG 8KA3ptUGQoLC34b6w1Sm8o3Un8B3GW Y8ciLFTokpcgkqb6ebAKGFQ3G3KcEx F2iQ%3D%3D
    Keywords: Books, Literature & Fiction, Poetry, Regional & Cultural, European, British & Irish
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    ISBN (alternative notations): 0-7117-0440-6, 978-0-7117-0440-4