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    9781370878116 - Charles Nakembetwa Shamsulla: God Wants To Redeem Your Marriage
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    God Wants To Redeem Your Marriage (2016)search

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    ISBN: 9781370878116search or 1370878117, in english, Smashwords Edition, Smashwords Edition, Smashwords Edition, New, ebook, digital download.

    Marriage is the most scourged institution in the world today; it is almost becoming a pandemic. The problem spares no body from the lay person in the tiny village to the most educated person and the millionaires and those in the palace houses. It almost becomes a curse to marry or to get married. There is a clear and dire need to shade light on the subject of marriage. "God Wants to Redeem your Marriage" looks deep into this problem and provides the answers."God Wants to Redeem your Marriage" will show you clearly who are the enemies of your marriage and how to deal with them and restore the former glory of your marriage. You will discover channels and route ways to marital bliss. This book will show you the mysteries of marriage as purposed by God right from the Garden of Eden. You will know that your spouse is not and will never be responsible for the downfall of you marriage. This is the crucial and the most common mistakes couples make in marriage by venting their angers and rants to their spouses. That is fighting a wrong and a lost battle. This book will show you how to easily win all the battles directed to your marriage and you marital life will shine from glory even to the perfect light. Your marriage need divine defense. "God Wants to redeem your Marriage" will open your spiritual eyes to see and understand the defenders of your marriage. I welcome you on board "God Wants to Redeem your Marriage".
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