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    9781612323206 - Jerry Ahern: No Survivors
    Jerry Ahernsearch

    No Survivors (2009)search

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    ISBN: 9781612323206search or 1612323200, in english, Speaking Volumes, Speaking Volumes, Speaking Volumes, New, ebook, digital download.

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    FOR FREEDOM…OR TYRANNY? ONE FINAL BATTLE…ONE LAST SHOTIN ON THE FINISH-HE'LL WRITE HISTORY WITH HIS HONOR. AND WITH HIS GUN. America is dying. Terrorists now control the military and the President. But a flame of hope still flickers when the Patriots find a new ally-a band of Native Americans, defiant descendants of Sioux, Apache, and Comanche warriors. Combat-ready and grimly determined, David Holden prepares a final surprise attack on the drug kingpins and FLNA bosses who have snatched our freedom. And one blazing last fight for liberty. or for death. begins.
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