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    9781612352749 - Jaden Sinclair: Forbidden Temptations
    Jaden Sinclairsearch

    Forbidden Temptations (2015)search

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    ISBN: 9781612352749search or 161235274X, in english, Smashwords, New, ebook.

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    Devon Noved isn"t the kind of man to turn a blind eye to a beautiful woman or to turn away from a challenge. Growing up in Treece, he knows every girl and every family. That is, he thought he did. Kera Zoe was taken from school and placed in the Compound until she turns twenty-one. With the title of a runaway over her head, she"s guarded closely until the celebration. She doesn"t want a husband and fights within everything she has when Devon proclaims her as his wife. Now a temptation is before her, one that is very forbidden. Can Kera keep fighting what is growing between them, or will she give into her heart and love the man before her? TALES OF THE FORBIDDEN 1: Forbidden Temptations 2: Forbidden Rapture 3: Forbidden Innocence 4: Forbidden LustTaal: Engels;Formaat: ePub met kopieerbeveiliging (DRM) van Adobe;Kopieerrechten: Het kopiëren van (delen van) de pagina's is niet toegestaan ;Geschikt voor: Alle e-readers te koop bij (of compatible met Adobe DRM). Telefoons/tablets met Google Android (1.6 of hoger) voorzien van boekenbol app. PC en Mac met Adobe reader software;Verschijningsdatum: augustus 2015;ISBN10: 161235274X;ISBN13: 9781612352749; Engelstalig | Ebook | 2015.
    Category: Literatuur, Romans, Erotica /, Literatuur & Romans, Erotische romans
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    ISBN (alternative notations): 1-61235-274-X, 978-1-61235-274-9