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    9781612356013 - Jaden Sinclair: Seducing Sasha
    Jaden Sinclairsearch

    Seducing Sasha (2011)search

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    ISBN: 9781612356013search or 161235601X, in english, Melange Books LLC, Melange Books LLC, Melange Books LLC, New, ebook, digital download.

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    Chase Sexton has watched Sasha from afar for years. He has longed to touch and hold her at night and take away all the pain and bad memories from her past. The only problem is that Sasha doesn't trust any man but her brother. How does one man show the one woman who is right for him that all men are not created equal? That in the arms of the right man, his arms, all bad memories can and will disappear. Can he replace them with something special, or will all his longings be for nothing?
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    Category: Romance
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