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    9781612830384 - Pamela D. Blair: The Next Fifty Years
    Pamela D. Blairsearch

    The Next Fifty Years (2005)search

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    IS THERE LIFE AFTER HOT FLASHES?Yes! According to Pamela Blair, psychotherapist and author of The Next Fifty Years! That person in the mirror is you and now is the time to understand and accept the external changes while making some internal changes. Make peace with yourself, embrace aspects of yourself that have been unexplored, and dive passionately into what you love! There has never been a better time to be a woman over fifty. Embracing the celebratory essence of The Red Hat Society and Red Hot Mamas-while at the same time moving beyond them-The Next Fifty Years offers solutions and support. Included is a group study guide with outlines for creating a meaningful forum for thoughts, concerns, joys, frustrations, and-fun with your friends and peers. Today's woman is recognized as being far more complex and multidimensional than previous generations, fulfilling many roles in today's society. More than 150 short essays cover topics specific to women and aging, including: self-image mind emotions fears relationships spiritual self creative self finances healthAlso included is journaling space for you to write your own thoughts and feelings. Intended both as a personal journal and guide to the best years of your life, The Next Fifty Years can become a written legacy between generations of women-past, present, and to come. New edition being published in April 2014 as Getting Older Better.
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