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    9781614173373 - John Hoskison: Lower Your Golf Score: Simple Steps to Save Shots
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    Lower Your Golf Score: Simple Steps to Save Shots (2012)search

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    Think like a pro and you can lower your golf score. Whatever you struggle with-wasted shots around the green, inaccurate iron shots, missed fairways or too many shots lost in the sand-the unique coaching advice offered by PGA European Tour Player and Golf Pro John Hoskison will improve your game. Regain control of the ball and your mind using John's techniques learned on the PGA circuit. Stay relaxed and calm under pressure, even when disaster strikes. With John's proven 'swing thoughts', you can keep the ball on the fairway, chip closer to the flag and putt better on the greens. Fear and doubt will be replaced by John's carefully explained step-by-step process for preparing for a round, practicing for maximum benefit and applying the tactics needed to lower your golf score. like a pro. REVIEWS:"John taught himself a great technique and knows as much about the golf swing as anyone I've met." ~Nick Mitchell, Former European Tour PGA Player"I went to John for the usual stuff; head in hands, not knowing what shot was coming next. John kept it simple. got me back enjoying my golf again." ~Mick Fitzgerald, TV Sports Presenter-Former National Hunt Jockey"John has solid orthodox technique and is a great student of the game. He always told me 'simple is best'." ~Andrew Murray, European Tour-1989 European Open ChampionOTHER TITLES by John HoskisonA Golf Swing You Can Trust.
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