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    9781616408459 - James Martineau: Types of Ethical Theory (Paperback)
    James Martineausearch

    Types of Ethical Theory (Paperback) (2013)search

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    ISBN: 9781616408459search or 1616408456, in english, COSIMO CLASSICS, United States, Paperback, New, reprint.

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    Language: English . Brand New Book ***** Print on Demand *****.A synthesis of the lifelong thinking of British theologian philosopher JAMES MARTINEAU (1805-1900), this astonishing work, written when he was 80 and published in 1885, continues to offer important insight into the borderlands between faith and reason. A devout champion of Christianity, Martineau was also one of the first religious thinkers to recognize the import of Darwin s theory of evolution, and here, he interprets and applies ethics-which he defines as the doctrine of human character -in a world undergoing a radical paradigm shift.
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