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    9789987622849 - Martin P. Mbonde, Meron Assefa: Reflections of my Mind
    Martin P. Mbonde, Meron Assefasearch

    Reflections of my Mind (2006)search

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    ISBN: 9789987622849search or 9987622844, in english, 212 pages, E & D Ltd. Paperback, Used.

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    Hamisi is a poor fisherman living a village life on the coast of Tanzania. This is an imaginary story of his struggle with life's injustices, conflict with the world around him, death, passage to heaven and dialogues with God. The story evolves into a series of poems. paperback, Lebo: E & D Ltd. E & D Ltd. Kikundi cha bidhaa: Book, Kuchapishwa: 2006-01-01, Studio: E & D Ltd. Cheo ya mauzo: 15503125.
    Keywords: Abuse, Class, Death, Marriage & Family, Medicine, Race Relations, Rural, Social Theory, Urban, Books, Politics & Social Sciences, Sociology
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    ISBN (alternative notations): 9987-622-84-4, 978-9987-622-84-9